Tissue paper wreath

After becoming totally addicted to pinterest, I have become one of those women who trolls it at night, dreams of things I would like to do, and occasionally does them.  I followed the instructions of A Blissful Nest.  This woman did a great job spelling it out.  I also made a cardinal mistake: not taking pics of each step.  I tend to get a bit involved when working and forgetful.  Woe is me….

What you’ll need:

  • one round styrofoam wreath  (green or white or homemade). I used a 7 inch one.
  • one package (20 sheets) of tissue paper cut into 5×5 squares
  • tacky glue or glue of most types (some recommend a glue gun)
  • ribbon to hang
  • one bamboo skewer (other devices could be: pencil, scissors, anything that’s sharper with a little diameter) I chose the skewer b/c it had a sharper end and a round end, thus making it a double duty tool for me.

Put down paper if you’re a messy crafter or you’ve got this set up for the kids.

Measure/cut your tissue paper

Put glue in a shallow dish to help the adhesive process

Take the bamboo skewer and poke holes, approximately one inch apart.  You can do the whole wreath at once if you want.  I chose to start out and just do one row, starting from the outside and working in.

Take a piece of tissue paper and twist the bottom, just like the Blissful nest shows (I failed to take the photo).

Dab or dunk the tissue paper into the glue to get the end covered.

Put the paper down each of the holes.

Repeat.  It may feel like a million times….(I did this a little at time, doing a row and then going and doing something else)

You may find that your wreath is getting pretty full.  See evidence below:

If it was looking a bit full, I skipped one.  It didn’t affect the final outcome.

Some of the tissue didn’t ‘stick’ so after it dried, I just re-glued a new piece.

I let the wreath sit on the table overnight and this morning, cut a piece of ribbon and weaved it through the tissue and tied it at the appropriate hanging length for the space on my wall. voila!

questions? comments? let me know!


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