Brownie hearts filled with strawberry frosting

You can make these brownies from scratch, but if you’re like me: busy, then sometimes a box mix will have to give you a hand.  Same thing with the frosting.  Make a batch of buttercream.  Use a can from the grocery store.  It’s the thought that counts 🙂 You can beat me with a rubber spatula some other time.

For Valentine’s Day or to share your calorie laden love with someone (hey paula deen), these are a sweet treat that are easy to make.

First things first: you’ll be making these on a cookie sheet, not in a typical 9×13 pan. Why?  You’ll want thinner brownies.  If you prefer thick brownies, be my guest and pull out your 9×13.

As a unique substitution: I used coffee instead of the water.  I had a little bit left in the pot from breakfast and thought, ‘what the heck.’ I needed to top off the 1/4 c. called for w/ a little h2o.

You’ll need:

  • 1 brownie batch (if you use box mix: 9×13 “family size”) cooked.  If you use a cookie sheet, this changes the cooking time so be mindful.  Mine took less time~ about 15 minutes.
  • 1/2 batch (or half container) of frosting-your choice on flavor to compliment- can or homemade.  Cool whip is also acceptable to keep them light and airy.
  • 1/4 c. strawberry jam
Bake brownies and let cool through.  In the meantime mix frosting and jam/jelly until blended.  If jam makes frosting too thin, whip in some confectioners (powdered) sugar until it thickens back up.  Putting this in the fridge will also help it tighten back up.

A cookie sheet of brownies will yield about 30 small hearts, or about 15 sandwiches.  After you cut the hearts out, you’re ready to fill!  In lieu of a fancy frosting tip, you can also use a plastic bag with the tip cut off.  Since this will be squished, the appearance isn’t so important.

Flip half of your brownies over to reveal their undersides and frost them, I chose a “V” shape to help minimize oozing later…ooze is such a gross word….

Top with their better half and put in the fridge to set up.  Sprinkle with powdered sugar or serve with ice cream or by themselves.  A delightful Valentine’s Day treat!




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