Lemon butter trout

Lemon and butter are the perfect companion to fresh trout…light, flaky, mild, with some fresh citrus at the end…

Before I die and go to lemon/butter heaven, here we go…

You’ll need:

Serves 2

10 min. (really)

  • 1 lb. fresh trout fillets, skin on
  • old bay seasoning
  • salt/pepper
  • olive oil
  • 2 T. butter
  • 1/2 lemon

Prep fillets by sprinkling bay seasoning and salt/pepper on inside of fillets. Place the fillets skin side down in a hot saute pan with some olive oil in the bottom.  Fillets will cook quickly, in about five minutes.

As fillets get close to being done, you can cover them to trap some of the steam to help any areas that aren’t quite done.  Turn the heat off to the pan, add butter and squeeze lemon over pan.

Remove fillets from pan and serve immediately.  Fillets will lift off the skin easily for serving.  For a light meal, serve with some super salad.  Always a good choice!



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