Super salad

Fresh veggies. Arch nemesis.  Not because I don’t like fresh veggies, I’m in love with them.  This time of year…..that’s my arch nemesis….there’s not a lot of good options for fresh veggies, making that old ‘healthy lifestyle’ a bit more difficult.

Here’s my answer….super salad!!!!

So, you might ding me because it’s over your budget, but here’s my claim….it doesn’t happen very often, it’s a treat.  It’s also very sad that fresh salad is a ‘treat’ but hey, it’s winter….

I take advantage of the grocery store fresh bar to peruse what looks fresh and delish.  I also spring for some olives and feta, among other pickled delights.  A small portion here and there is a welcome change and while you might think I’m paying out the nose for this, the containers last for days, being used for several meals.  I think that if I bought all of these ingredients to put together, the cost would be far more considering how much I actually eat (and PIC).

You’ll need:

Serves 2

  • 1 bunch lettue, I used Boston bib
  • 1 c. fresh spinach
  • Your choice of fresh items from grocery store
  • A little imagination for what tastes good together



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