Easter garland

I was roaming through Target the other day, browsing in the home goods section and a nice display of Easter decorations and I came across this:

“$4 plus tax????  mmm, NO way sir!  I can make this for less than that and make it BETTTERRRRRRR” :D. <—that’s the dialogue that went through my head……

So, I went back to the craft store and bought some felt, a roll of ribbon from the dollar bin, and printed off an ‘egg shaped’ pattern from the Internet.

You’ll need:

  • Patience (just a little)
  • 6 pieces of felt
  • egg shape or a good hand
  • sharp scissors
  • craft glue
  • 1 roll ribbon (mine was 3 yards)


Cut out egg shapes.  I made four from each sheet and cut up the rest in patterns and strips for the decorations on the eggs.  Glue the embellishments as you see fit.  This is the fun part!  Kids can make some great garland!

When  your eggs are done and dry, lay them out as you like on the ribbon and glue into place.  I chose a tight garland, but have fun!



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