Paper flower bouquets

I’ve seen a few tutorials on tissue paper and napkin flowers.  Having a plethora of tissue paper in my ‘wrapping box,’ I thought it would be a good way to celebrate Spring!

I saw a few tutorials here and here  and figured it would be worth a go.

You’ll need:

  • tissue paper (5 sheets per two flowers)
  • twist tie or string
  • scissors
  • bamboo skewers (you could even paint these green)

I am thinking about Spring so I went with pastel colors.  They also look good with my Easter garland and add a nice touch without being too much.

Take five sheets of tissue paper and lay them out together, one on top of the other.  Fold into an accordion.  At this point you can cut in half across or not.  I like two smaller flowers, some might like one giant flower.  It’s your call.  I cut.

**for the photo i used bolder colors so you could clearly see the folds**

Once you’ve cut your folded tissue, take scissors and cut a round edge or pointed edge on each end of your folded tissue.  Take a twist tie and secure it in the middle.

Now the FUN part!!!  Starting from the center, pick which color (if you’re using multiple colors like mine) you want to be inside or on the outside.  Start with the tissue you want on the inside.  Fan the tissue working from the inside to the outside and keep separating until you’re happy with the look of it.

Voila! Tissue paper flowers 🙂  If I remember, I’ll get some Easter eggs or small stones to fill the vase w/ to hide the bamboo skewers…



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