Feel the burn!

Completing my phd really packed on the pounds. Stress eating, eating when bored, pretty much eating and drinking my face off along with a sedentary life style and voila–fatty. I have no excuse and after I finished writing that dang book, I knew: it was time.

I joined weight watchers late summer 2011 to help me get some discipline, learn what a portion is, and how to balance what I put in my mouth vs. what I want to put in my mouth. Sound familiar???

I did pretty well on weight watchers throughout the fall and lost 15 lbs.  Over the holidays, I gained a few pounds and was able to lose them again with some work, but really, just being mindful.

I stopped paying for weight watchers at the end of Jan. 2012 for a few reasons. #1: I’m stubborn, in my mind I thought, “I can do this by myself.” #2: I’m cheap. $18 a month to track my food online? No thanks, this much, I can do.

I joined myfitnesspal, something similar to weight watchers, but instead of points, it counts calories.  It allows you to track for carbs, fats, proteins, etc… depending on your needs.  It also has a huge database of exercise (my one complaint about WW–the exercise tracker was terrible) and is compatible with multiple technology platforms.

Why did I choose myfitnesspal?  It’s free, I need the discipline of what I’m putting in my mouth, and I can do a food journal.  Looking at what I’m actually putting in my mouth works for me. I’m still on the path to weight loss and have been much more mindful of life choices and choosing a healthy lifestyle that I know I should be doing.  Small changes every day right?

My colleague uses Lose it.  There are lots of good options out there and if you’re like me and need the discipline with a gentle reminder, myfitnesspal might work for you too!  Good luck!


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