My favorite things: Speck case

Product I love time!!!!

My Speck case. I bought my first one on a whim when they were on sale for $5 with free shipping for my Incredible smartphone a few years ago and since then, I’ve become a big fan!!  I’ve had a lot of phones.  I’ve had a lot of cases.  I’ve had a lot of accidents….this one is the only one I have purchased to date that has been able to handle me.

My Speck case takes the bumps, scratches, falls, and every other kind of abuse I can give it.  While no product is guaranteed for liquids, these cases are great for the other things in life!

Evidence: look at the scratches on the back of my Incredible….good case 🙂

I pledge my smartphone allegiance to Speck! Until it can’t handle my butter-fingers!  


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