Soft pretzels & rolls (bread machine)

With the help of the bread machine, soft, warm pretzels and pretzel rolls can be an easy task.  The hardest part of this recipe: waiting! With the weekend here, soft pretzels are a great activity, especially with the bread machine since it does most of the work and all you have to do is roll them out, boil them, bake them, and then stand at the counter eating them… 🙂

I made six medium sized pretzels and six small rolls out of this recipe.  While I love a good pretzel, my waistline does not, so I tried to make them smaller so I can still enjoy them, just not as much of them….I stuck to the recipe this time around while experimenting with the bread machine, but envision mixing in some whole wheat flour the next time around. My bread machine is a 1.5 lb. limit and I bought it off craigslist for $15 a year ago–some of the best $$ I’ve spent! Works perfect every time.

If When I make these again, I’ll double the recipe and freeze half.  Perhaps make pretzel twists/breadsticks.  This way, I’ll have some on hand for cravings and can get more from the time it takes to boil them in baking soda.

I followed the recipe off for the 8 pretzel serving and then combined the recipe from tasty to make sure I boiled and baked the rolls for long enough.

Follow your bread machine recommendations and enjoy!


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