The List-magazines

I love magazines.  Although I own an iPad and every other gadget known to man and within my budget, I still love a good magazine. What I love even more?  I love flipping the pages….I get lots of other content digitally and haven’t really bought an actual book in a LONG time, but spending some time with my pile of magazines is one of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice. A free subscription and sitting in my lawnchair on weekends reading magazines in the sun might be on my top 5 of things I “love to do.”  You can lecture me later on sunscreen and cancer, but as the days warm up again, the sun is delightful and for an hour or two a week, I relish in the absorption of said sun, kind of like a cold blooded animal–PIC refers to it as my ‘ritual’ because if the sun is out and I have an hour on the weekends, you know where to find me!

My favorites?

Real Simple


Martha Stewart Living



Bloomberg Business

The best part?  I only pay for ONE of them!  Want to guess which one???

What are you favorite magazines? Which ones will you be getting to this weekend?

**all photos from amazon


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