Blogger L-O-V-E


I got a ‘shout out’ on the blogger sphere! My very own little space here in the universe was nominated by Ms. Bendiful herself! Well shucks….thanks for the shout out! 

In order to pay it forward, I’m supposed to:

  • tell you seven things about me
  • give a healthy holler to seven other blogs I love
  • hope those bloggers keep passing on the cyber accolades!

Seven things about me….

  1. I love agriculture! I’m totally obsessed with agriculture, education, and technology!
  2. I hug a pillow when I sleep.
  3. I have been on a weight loss journey since finishing my Ph.D. last year, slowly but surely, just like my Ph.D.!
  4. I am obsessed with yoga–practicing several times a week at a studio and at home.
  5. I recently started running intervals with ambitions to work up to some distance.
  6. I love photography and take hundreds of pictures.
  7. Bad TV is my kryptonite, even better when it’s on the DVR and I can skip the commercials.

Seven bloggers I adore.  You made the list if you’re on my google reader feed, that’s how I know I adore you!

Now what?  The “rules” are that these seven folks are supposed to do the same–let’s see! Have a beautiful Earth Day!


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