Friday faves- workin’ on my fitness


I have been working to lose weight since finishing my dissertation.  While I’m proud to report that I’m about 20 lbs. down, there’s more work to go.  I have been religious about the on campus gym since starting this position, increased my yoga for health and mental well being, and have recently started running intervals as a way to mix up my routine and build some endurance. I switch it up between running/walking and yoga and use some light weights a few times a week.

I started to have some knee pain about a week ago.  Upon taking it easy, I increased my stretching regimen, and was trying to figure out why it was so sore! After consulting with some friends and colleagues who are also avid runners and process of elimination, my IT band appears to be tight! Consulting the ‘ever knowing’ oracle AKA: the Internet, told me that perhaps a foam roller or pool noodle could assist with the issue at hand.

I’m in LOVE with this product: Gaiam foam roller.  I realize I probably overpaid but today, I don’t care. So much less pain in my knee!

Here’s what else I find useful for working on my fitness:

Old Navy capri pants with pockets–perfect for spring walks, the pockets are a plus for keys

Adidas shorts–old school but loving it!

Champion v-neck tees from Target–great cut and lots of give

Asics sneaks

Pandora on my iPhone



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