7 things Friday

Look who got tagged?  This girl!  Bendiful in all her wisdom tagged me for this 7 things post so here we go!  Thanks for tagging.  Bendiful and I go way back, like the 90’s back…..watch out big hair and riding in the back of pick up trucks….She has a delightful blog about living her life and running.  I aspire to the running…I recently came back to it after a pulled quad head (ouch) and am slowly working back up.  She’s da’bomb kids! Wife, mom, runner, professional, super hero……

Let’s see……7 things I’m into right now….I now must share with you my readers 7 things I am into at the moment and then tag 7 more  bloggin’ buddies to do the same. So here we go seven things that a keeping this girl busy lately!

1. summer. can you ever get enough? i get enough of the heat, but never the long days, grilling, endless sunshine, and the array of other things that accompany it.

2. veggie CSA. PIC and i bought into one this year and it’s worth every single penny! every weekend is like christmas and there’s an abundance of fresh produce for us to experiment with and cook up. we both know it’s impossible to ‘go local’ on every aspect of life, but this is one thing i support 100%. as a farm kid who grew up picking and harvesting every veggie at the farm to freeze and can, i’ve missed good produce since moving.

3. new sneaks to kick it. my quad injury is finally healed up pretty well and i’m back to logging miles with a mix of walking and tri-jogging.  meaning, i ‘try’ to jog…. ;~)

4.taking the path less traveled. while it might not be the best path, it’s my path and i’ve grown to realize that i don’t have to explain myself to anyone for the life choices i make.

5. peace and love. does it need an explanation?

6. reading my summer list

7. taking the time to smell the flowers. i enjoy the summer pace of my job.  as a new faculty, it’s the time that i get to be a bit more leisurely about my professional life.  trust me, i’m learning to take advantage of it!

I’m not following the rules. I’m not tagging seven others.  Oops or should I say, ‘you can thank me later!!!!” ;~) Have a great weekend!


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