Getting ready for summer eats

There’s a rush to summer. We can’t wait.  The kids get out of school, their teachers can relax, the pools are open, the lightening bugs and peepers serenade us to sleep….I just love it. My kitchen also gets ready for summer by getting out the ‘low maintenance’ recipes that utilize all of the fresh produce with as little ‘stove time’ as possible.

One thing that I have grown to rely on for summer are disposable and easy to care for products, especially when it comes to bringing a dish to pass for a potluck or picnic, bringing home leftovers or giving away homemade host/hostess gifts to welcoming parties.

While this is certainly not rocket science, I was reminded the other day of the Dollar Store.  I went in with the intent to get a few items and came out with only spending about $10 and had enough summer kitchen eats supplies to last us for a while.  As you stock up for summer parties and picnic’s, it might be worth it to head to your discount retailer.  My purchase also included some patriotic plates and napkins that will be used to transport food and make things look more festive.  The dollar store in my town had a whole aisle of summer party supplies that included everything from paper products to tiki torches. My favorite ‘find’ of the day–aluminum containers with sealable lids to take food to people and give without having to chase down your container after the party ends or kiss it goodbye. I used one that night to take two halves of two pies as a ‘dish to pass’ at a going away party for friends. Since they were getting ready to leave town for good, I knew they wouldn’t have time to return a container and wouldn’t want them to worry about it. They had other things on their mind.


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