Heavenly iced coffee

Iced coffee sent from heaven is what has been appearing in my glass/tumbler every day now since the weather warmed up. This magic elixir, or should I say ‘concentrate’ will be the start of a beautiful relationship for you… There is nothing better on these hot and humid summer days than a good iced coffee. I like mine super strong and if that’s not your speed, tame the beast back a bit. I had seen recipes from seriouseats and the pioneer woman, but they are ‘large scale’ operators and I’m not up to that level of consumption just yet. I scaled mine back a bit to make a more manageable batch for my fridge and my coffee habits.  I try to stick to one cup/glass a day, now if I could get my carb and melted cheese habit to that portion, I’d be ready for my modeling contract :D.

Back to the coffee……You’re probably thinking, “I just make mine in the coffee pot or keurig, what’s the difference?”  You are correct, you can do that and just cool it down and enjoy your iced coffee.  However, there is something intoxicating and slightly more sweet about the ‘no hot water’ iced coffee because the coffee doesn’t undergo a chemical change from the heat.  Nerdy enough for you?  I’m done now.

I used a 16 oz mason jar to make my mix and used roughly 4 oz. of coffee to 16 oz. of water. Again, I make small batches because that’s what works for me without taking up every ounce of fridge space or letting it sit for too long.  After straining it through a fine mesh strainer, it made about 2/3 of a 16 oz. jar and I store it in the fridge.  As soon as I finish one batch, i make up another right away to keep my concentrate fresh.  I haven’t bought an iced coffee or turned on my coffee maker in over a month (traveling/flying not included).

You’ll need:

5 min. + 8-12 hours

  • 1 16 oz mason jar or equivalent lidded device
  • 4 oz coffee grounds of preference
  • 14-16 oz. of tepid water
  1. Put coffee in mason jar.
  2. SLOWLY pour water until the jar is full. You may need to gently mix the coffee and water together.
  3. Put a lid on it and let sit closed overnight or about 8-12 hours.
  4. Strain coffee and grounds using a mesh strainer or cheesecloth.
  5. To enjoy this lovely concentrate, I would suggest going with a 2/1 ratio: 2 parts coffee, one part water.  Or, if you’re like me, you put a bunch of ice cubes in a glass and let them melt 🙂  Dress it up however you like it. I like creamer and milk, extra light, no other sweetener!
  6. ENJOY!!!

14 thoughts on “Heavenly iced coffee

  1. Mind if I share a link to this with my readers tomorrow? This is a well-written recipe I think they’d like. I’m also looking for high quality food sites to exchange links with if you’re interested.

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