Pinterest find: cleaning stove top trays

Pinterest is slightly addicting.  There’s all kinds of ideas, recipes, beauty tips, and cute puppies.

And cleaning tips.  As a current renter, I am living with an electric stove with one large burner and three small ones.  Was there a special liquidation sale on these stoves at one point in time????  First world problem for sure 🙂  As you can imagine, the large burner gets a lot of action and the burner tray also gets a lot of drips.  After epically boiling over potatoes the other day, it was time to clean them. I found a site from our friends at Pinterest, said a prayer, and went to bed.

This morning, VOILA!!!  Minimal turmoil when cleaning up the burners and while the big one may never recover fully due to its’ extensive use and be replaced upon move out, it sure did a good job overall! The fumes of the ammonia are what pull the gunk/grease/nasty bits off.

You’ll need:

  • ziploc bags-gallon size
  • ammonia
  • large pan or cookie sheet
  • scrubbing pad or tough sponge
  1. Put 1/4 cup of ammonia in each ziploc bag and one burner. You can double up if you want.
  2. Put the bags in the large pan or cookie sheet for (just in case).
  3. Put the pan outside or leave in the sink overnight.  I had no spills but you never know when using ammonia.
  4. About 10-12 hours later, carefully open the bags, rinse with cool water and use a scrubbie sponge or soft scrubbing pad to remove any other gunk.

**never mix ammonia with any other chemicals.  The chemicals will make a toxic mix.

this is the large burner after the fact.  a major improvement, but you can see it’s not perfect.  don’t let your burners get as bad as i did!!!
this is the small burner.  all gunk removed!  

what handy, dandy cleaning tips do you have? care to share?



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