An apple a day…..wins cash money!

apple muffins

I am from apple country!  However, the north didn’t fare so great this year due to an early spring and late frost, killing much of the apple crop.  The south has apples already and they sure are tempting, even if my internal clock is a bit confused by all of the apples sitting next to the peaches, melons, and other summer produce.

If you have an apple recipe  (on the healthy side, of course) that you think is better than the rest, please submit your recipe via email (domesticatedacademic at gmail dot com)! I will be accepting the first 8 entries and making one each week. A winner will be announced at the end of the contest and awarded a $25 Visa gift card ! All recipes will be posted on the blog (or linked if you blog) each week when they get my review!  Good luck!

Have a great week!  Send me those awesome apple recipes! 🙂


3 thoughts on “An apple a day…..wins cash money!

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