DIY Foaming hand soap

I love foaming soap.  But it’s expensive. I have all the bottles, some from bath & body works, others from dial and I was buying the refill jug of foaming soap.  Basically, I was wasting money.  Low and behold the nice pinners @ Pinterest showed me the light!

A regular trip to Target led me to the clearance shelves where I picked up a pleasant smelling soap in liquid form for about $1. A nice citrusy smell was in the clearance aisle so I wasn’t too picky. My Kroger also has a HUGE vat of liquid soap for $1/piece this week as part of their ‘dollar days’ promotion and ’10 for $10′ deals for returning students.

Here’s how easy it is:

  1.  Take empty foam soap bottle (or close to empty) and fill almost full with cool water, leaving room for the pump to get screwed back in.
  2. Pump 1-3 pumps of the liquid soap into the water. I like three squirts of soap. Sometimes, I add the soap first and then the water. It’s your call.
  3. Screw the top back on and shake gently to incorporate the soap.
  4. Take it for a test pump or two (AKA: wash your hands). If you want a little more foam, open it back up and pump another liquid soap shot into it.

Ta-Da!!!  Easy as that.  It could make a great chore for your kids, teach them about measurement, viscosity, budgeting money, etc… but mostly you get foamy soap for pennies 😀


PS: do you like the text overlays on my photos???????  Check out Phonto–it’s a FREE app from the iTunes store 🙂  get on it!  It’s Saturday!


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