32 on 32


Save your vocal chords, there will be no need for singing me the Happy Birthday song.  However, it is the day that mother earth pushed me out into world and yes, I am 32 years old today…I’ve never felt better, I’ve never been in a better life spot, and with some certainty, I can safely say that my 30’s are turning out to be WAY better than my 20’s. I thought that in my infinite (hardee-har-har) wisdom I’d try and shed some light on 32.  I hope I can make it to 32 things in no particular order.  If I can’t, I’ll resort to puppies and kittens. You’re welcome! 🙂

  1. Being happy is what life is about.  Maybe not happy every second of every day, but overall, happy.
  2. You cannot find happiness in one person, thing, or organism.
  3. You find happiness in yourself first.
  4. Then you fill it with people who enhance your life.
  5. Loyalty and fidelity are not negotiable.
  6. Divorce and heart break are sometimes necessary to get through a stage in life.
  7. There is such a thing as a quarter life crisis but it doesn’t always happen right at 25.
  8. Impressing people starts to take a back seat.
  9. Staying home on your couch with redbox movies is a legit way to spend the WHOLE weekend.
  10. Naps come back in style. Hard core.
  11. SPF is a real thing that you should be using.
  12. Finding a true life partner trumps hot sex. Hot sex is great but rarely does it sustain any solid relationship.
  13. Things like underwire and thongs also become less important. Taking off your boobs with your bra is no longer sexy.
  14. Sports bras really ARE all the rage.
  15. It’s ok to think that someone is a bit boring, shallow, or just not your kind of ‘people.’ Just be careful who you say it in front of (or just think it).
  16. You are no longer obligated to be the life of the party. In the event that you are, extra ‘awesome’ points will be given.
  17. You will begin talking about things like health insurance, which vehicles get good gas mileage, and things like interest rates in social settings. It’s ok to show you care and want to be informed.
  18. Wearing your actual size is much cooler (and more comfortable) than wearing the size you think you should be and feeling like a sausage stuffed in a too small casing.
  19. If you’re comfortable in your own skin but others aren’t comfortable around your skin, you are no longer obligated to hang out with these people.  Odds are, everyone will win and I bet there’s a good movie at the redbox 🙂
  20. You have finally come to terms with who you are.
  21. The nicest thing someone can do for you isn’t a hot date, it’s verbalizing their affection instead of buying a piece of jewelry. It’s taking out the trash instead of buying flowers and listening to your endless rambling when there’s too much wine involved.
  22. You start to come to terms with your own mortality.  It’s pretty scary shit and that’s ok.
  23. You don’t have to be married, partnered, engaged, having kids, or validating your life choices on facebook.  It’s more fun to pick on the people who feel like they need too.
  24. You start to seek out people to have real conversations with.
  25. A career is great. Being happy in a career is an added bonus. If you can’t have both you begin to choose happiness.
  26. There is balance. I’m still looking for it. When I see a glimpse of it, I get real excited.
  27. Your family will begin asking where the grandkids are.  You can tell them you haven’t seen the forecast of any and your uterus is not a storage unit.
  28. If someone doesn’t value you and behaves like an asshole, you are no longer worried about unfriending them, deleting them, or blocking them from your life.  Putting their number as “DO NOT ANSWER” will also help. They’ll get the hint.
  29. Peer pressure to drink or take a shot is no longer even something you’d consider giving in to.
  30. Husband hunting is tacky.  I’ve seen it 1,000 times and while I can appreciate someone meeting me and immediately asking if I have any “single friends” I sort of want to take these 20 somethings aside and slap them in the face.  Twice. Maybe three times.
  31. Being healthy takes on a whole new meaning.  Not being a size 2 is no longer relevant.  Touching your toes is the bomb.
  32. It’s your life.  You can do what you want. No one is the boss of you.

Here is some of the great feedback from readers:

30 is young you still have lots of mistakes left to make don’t get too ahead of yourself. Sleep More :)

My advice: Be nice to your body…. (Or at least nicer than you were in your twenties!) Also, do at least one thing everyday that makes YOURSELF happy. And of course, try to have a margarita (or 5) with a good friend as often as possible!

My advice: Try something new as often as you can…and eat more cupcakes!

Since I’m not yet in my thirties, but I can’t not enter this cupcake contest… I sought advice from my mom and cousin :-) They say use it while it still works and get in a healthy routine- exercise, get check-ups, etc so things work longer.

Thanks for the tidbits!

The winner of the cupcake swag……..

CAITLIN!!!  What a nice piece of advice too, being kind to our bodies becomes more important since recovery takes longer, cocktails don’t help everything anymore.

Email me at domesticatedacademic at gmail dot com with an address 🙂


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