Blushing Cheek Soap + Soap For YOU!

I have found my soap-mate. Like a soul mate but for soap.  I’m not joking here and NO, I was not paid to do this review.  I’m doing it as a favor to a personal friend who took a few minutes to send me some soap. And I loved it. The first time I used it, I didn’t feel itchy, tight, or get any weird flaky, skin business. I’ve discussed my skin issues.  I do not wish to revisit all of them other than to remind my readers that I’m pretty much allergic to most products and have an arsenal of steroids, epi pens, and creams to help combat my upset dermal layer.

Blushing Cheek Soap is made by a fantastic lady and my good friend, Caitlin, was kind enough to send me some of her mum’s soap for my birthday.  I was totally excited to try it out and opened the box right before I was heading upstairs to shower after putting three miles on my shoes.  It was a welcome surprise and I’m ever-so-grateful for the gift!

The soap is fantastic.  Made of all natural ingredients with nothing harsh or artificial, it was very pleasant and welcome compared to some of the ‘sensitive skin’ products I’ve been trying. While the notion of soap on a rope might make you think of prison, it was actually perfect because I could hang it from the hook I already had up for my loofah. The soap ball was pleasant in smell, had a nice lather without being too heavy or ‘soapy’ feeling and washed away clean.  My skin didn’t feel weird.

The next time I went for a swim in the tub, I tried out the honeyoat bar that she sent and was again very pleased.  No negative side effects and the lather was delightful.  I even used it as shampoo with great results and would consider using it for every inch of my outer layer.  I still use conditioner since I have longer hair, but rubbing the bar of soap into my head  gave a nice lather and rinsed away clean. There is a good amount of oatmeal in it, excellent exfoliant and everything rinses clean.  The honey oat is by far my favorite of the two.  Man, I love this stuff! I really appreciated and am still enjoying the soap and will DEFINITELY be ordering more from her site! The PayPal process is painless and the shipping is prompt.

If you’re looking for some nice soap that won’t bother your skin, check out Blushing Cheek today! She is a small business owner and a hardworking woman with fair prices and fantastic service.  I love this soap so much, I want to share it with you and would like to make this my September give away.  Supporting local business, even if 600 miles away, is something I value on a personal level and this product is worth the cost + shipping.

So, here’s your chance:

Enter to win TWO bars of soap (your choice if you win) from Blushing Cheek + I’ll have them shipped to your place of choice ($8 value + shipping)

By answering the following question and leaving it as a comment on this post here on WordPress, via my Facebook page, or reply to my post on Twitter: tdrape100

What are your plans this weekend?

You want to enter TWICE??????  Get someone else to “like” the facebook page and have them post that you sent them: boom~ 2 entries!

Enter by: 11:59 p.m. Sunday, September 9, 2012!!!! Good luck! Sorry Caitlin, you can’t enter this one, conflict of interest ;~)


11 thoughts on “Blushing Cheek Soap + Soap For YOU!

  1. OH I want in…I want in…I ❤ soaps of all kinds (probably because I am a germaphobe) I will put your giveaway link on my facebook page, hopefully that will draw some attention…and an extra entry for me 😉

  2. I’ll be inside relaxing while it storms outside. I’m going to find my favorite recipes on pinterest and blogs and do prep work and freezing for a couple of weeks of meals.

  3. This weekend I will be re-arranging my 2nd bedroom & converting it into the Nursery! I will also be going out to look for “Baby Stuff’. I have very sensitive skin and am always looking for a nice, gentle, skin-calming soap that won’t bother or irritate my skin. Also I am looking for a nice soap that will be gentle enough for my baby’s skin. I would LOVE the opportunity to try this product! I have spent so much $ on soaps and lotions that make endless promises of how gentle they are on sensitive skin..just to be disapointed, yet again, and to have wasted more of my hard earned, quickly fading money! : ( Your review on this product is so positive and sounds so promising! Would love the chance to try it!

  4. Ironicallly I just got some “oat-n-honey” candles this weekend.

    This weekend I went to an outdoor festival called “Woofstock” it was an outdoor festival that had vendors and products for dogs. All the proceeds went to local anima rescues. I found a place that is called “the dog bar”. Amazing! Its an outdoor/indoor dog park that is a bar! Whoa.
    Today was football all day and HOMEMADE Pho took me 8 hours but wasn’t that bad.

  5. Your skin and my skin have a lot in common 🙂 I also buy home made soap at my local farmers market. But, I always love trying out new things. Visiting that website now!

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