Summer in an Instagram

The thermostat is still fooling me, more like the humidity, but it seems that when September comes, the days of humidity are numbered (thank GAAWWWDD) and we’re only a hop, skip, and a jump from my favorite time of year: Fall. Hello crisp mornings, jacket weather, snuggling in for warmth, and my favorite foods that have pumpkins, apples, and things that leave the house smelling like New England.

To celebrate the delightful summer, I went through my iPhone/Instagram photos and photo journaled my summer.  It goes something like this:

I did some traveling. Some for work, some for pleasure.  One of my trips took me to Minneapolis (work) but I did get to see a fantastic friend of mine who I’ve known for around 15 years now.  Can’t be too bad of a work trip when such a good friend is involved 🙂



I worked.  Hence the name, Domesticated Academic.  While some of the public may think we take summers off to drink pina colada’s and sip champagne, I’m sorry to report back and tell you: HELL NO. There is balance and while I am lucky to be granted time off, it’s not from May 15th until Aug. 15th like the students.


I worked with some fantastic students this summer on research, taught summer STEM camps, and tried not to get a single gray hair.  I’m going to pat myself on the back now because I have yet to see one of those little bastards creep out of my head.  The moment I hit ‘publish’ one will surely sprout out of spite.

Look at what talented undergrads can do?  Pretty nice….



I went home to the motherland to see my family and friends who still reside there.  The older I get, the more I wish to be at the farm.  My dad was putting up hay and I snapped these photos while he circled the field making small bales.



I went on long walks with the dogs, Molly and Shadow, and Fluffy the “cat dog” who likes to follow and hike like a boss.  She is the boss. Don’t tell the dogs that.



I worked out. I worked on splitting my time and improving my walking/running.  The sun was freaking brutal.  You know that though.  You felt the summer too.


Be excited, I know I am!  My average is always a work in progress but I’m pleased with it this summer. I hope to maintain and improve since it won’t be so freaking hot.



I went to the beach.  My sister lives there.  I’m glad she picked such a nice spot to live.  Makes for some nice visits, not that visiting her in another spot would be a problem, but going to the beach is like a big cherry on top of the sister sundae.



I watched the Olympics.  I watched A LOT of Olympics.  I just love them. I made some pretty good food this summer all while working to keep my weight loss goals in check.  I STOPPED counting every calorie, looking at every bite of food, and began to look more holistically at what I was eating vs. what I was doing.  It helped to take a huge weight off my shoulders in terms of my weight loss goals.



I celebrated another year on earth by buying my annual pair of TOMS shoes.  Red glitter?  Why of course I will buy those AND give a pair at the same time.



I enjoyed summer this year.  I worked hard to balance work life and home life. I set aside time for myself, even if it was sweating my ass off, I truly enjoyed it. I hope your summer was as enjoyable as mine was.  As campus picks up now that classes are in full swing, I know that Fall brings lots of awesome things too!






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