There’s an App For That

I, like you, love apps and programs that help make life easier.  With the announcement of the iPhone 5 this week, the hype behind Apple and the smartphone industry continues to get a boost.  I’ve got my short list of favorites and in lieu of another recipe this week, I thought I’d spend a few minutes sharing with you what I’ve learned to rely on to keep my busy life in check.  I spend a lot of time on technology and not just Facebook.  My old job had me integrating technology on a daily basis to help other students and faculty and my current faculty position allows me to keep leveraging my personal hobby/love. I know there are more of my type out in the universe so please take my recommendations gently.  This is what I use, it doesn’t mean it’s gospel.

I get asked quite a bit “what app are you using” when I post photos to my Facebook page or on the blog.  The list changes over time and I’m certainly prone to downloading the ‘free app of the week’ off iTunes using my IFTTT action to get an email sent to me (If This Then That) <—check it out, amazing recipes. IFTTT sends me: weather, changes my profile pictures, sends me emails when it’s things I ask to have sent, streamlines my emails for me, and some other amazing things.  If you don’t use IFTTT, you should check it out.  I always know if I should carry my umbrella, pull out my winter jacket, and if Temple Run is still the free app of the week. It also changes my profile pic to all my social media feeds when I change my facebook profile photo, keeping me current and only having to do it ONCE.

Below are some screen shots of what’s currently installed on my iPhone.  Love me, hate me, just go get your phone and dl some of these!  Most are free, a few I have coughed up the dollar or two and paid for the ‘full versions’ of them.  I’m so cheap.  I am my mother’s daughter….I’ve got my favorites: dropbox, email galore, facebook, pages, twitter, etc…

And of course, I pulled down my photo apps to show you what I work with when I edit ‘on the fly’ for immediate upload or frame for other fun uploads.

A couple of my apps should be pretty familiar, Instagram is pretty obvious, but I want to spend a little bit of time on the “Photography” pull down file because these are my personal favorites!

Snapseed is pretty awesome (and free). I really like the automatic effects but I also like that it’s a bit like mini-photoshop in that you can control all sorts of adjustments such as contract, brightness, and color, giving you more control over your edits.  I do get lazy and like the automatic features, which are similar to Instagram, but I can just save them instead of uploading or going and turning off my wi-fi (#firstworldproblems for sure).

Phonto is super fun!  You can lay some amazing text over your photos with ease and minimal technological savvy per say.

There are a TON of fonts to choose from–the list is pretty extensive! You can save your photos and upload them to your choice later on.

WYMeme is a lot of fun! It randomly selects text (some are pretty inappropriate but amazing and funny) for your random photos.  This is a great app for a good laugh!

A new fun app is up next, IncrediBooth.  It’s like having your own photo booth on your phone!  This was the free app of the week a while back. (yes, i’m aware i’m a hot mess in the photo).

360 takes panoramic photos and is a lot of fun too! You just push the button once and keep moving the camera until you’re satisfied with the capture.

So, there you have my nerdy iPhone loving heart! Don’t hack me and steal all of my important personal information (if you want to steal my identity please pay off my student loans, the end).

What are your favorite apps?  Care to share?  Maybe we can do a ’round up!’ Post your favorite apps and I’ll put them all together for a post in the coming week or so 😀  No participation, no post!


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