I’ve Been Sewing….

It’s true: I can sew.  My wonderful Mema taught me when I was a kid. I had her old sewing machine for years before it finally got tired, retired, and then just died.  I wished I could have kept it but it would have cost an arm and a leg to fix and I am still in a somewhat nomadic stage of life. Moving is not conducive to moving a non-working gadget.  I was sad to part with it.  My mother quickly bought me a new Singer but I can still see my Mema’s mint/olive green machine because I spent so many years sitting in front of it, beside it with a stitch picker, and around it as the center of many hours spent with my Mema. My mother is also a very talented seamstress. She took to sewing prom gowns, wedding gowns, Halloween costumes, and everything in between. I credit both of these women to my sewing successes and with hours of patience and ‘right sides together’ I can sew pretty well. Enough to hem pants, mend things, resize things, and dabble when I have the time.

I’d wanted some place mats for eating and for photos for the blog.  I used to have all kinds of linens but truth be told, I purged many of these things when I was getting divorced.  The physical things felt like emotional baggage so I parted/donated/gave away all of the sets I had from before I moved to start my PhD. It’s not all sad, they were from big box stores and didn’t have a whole lot of personality.

I used pre-cut fabric squares that were 18×21 from the fabric store. Wash and dry your fabric before you sew! It does shrink! I followed an awesome online tutorial from Vixen Made so I don’t feel like I need to reinvent the wheel here! She gives great instructions so just follow along!

Pinterest has fueled my sewing craze and while practice makes perfect, most of my projects are far from perfect but that’s what gives things personality right?? That’s what I keep telling myself anyway… 😉 The next task I tried was adding side panels to some summer shirts that have shrunk and warped through summer wear.  I would also like to say this is an excellent way to get some more miles out of cheap summer shirts that you find on sale that are too small or for maternity alterations.  I bought some fat squares and sliced them up for these shirts I scored at Loft a few months back. This tutorial was pretty helpful and a few new seams were easy to do!

Scarflette’s have been a lot of fun to put together! Seriously!  I went hunting at the local Good Will stores for mens L and XL sweaters and even found some old coats and sweaters to take the buttons off of (notions are usually the most expensive part of any sewing project) for just a few dollars.  Yes, I am THAT person who cuts the buttons off and then re-donates, don’t worry, I’ve only done it once 🙂

These turned out super adorbs and I sent the black one off to FL to a good friend from grad school!

Want to check out my sewing Pinterest board for ideas for yourself? Check it out! 

I’ll show you what else I’ve been sewing next week!


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