Sew What Part Deux

I’ve been working my own little sweat shop. Take a look at what else I’ve been crafting.

The scarves were easy enough, no more tutorials needed. A yard of lace and a yard of contrasting cotton made these simple and affordable.  Make sure you wash the fabrics before to make sure nothing gets warped when you do finally wash your new things! Sew right sides together and leave an opening on one end to pull everything through.

My second creation turned out pretty well after a little fitting and repinning/resewing. Thanks to C&C for a great tutorial! This shirt came together in just a few hours in one yard of fabric. I purchased yards of other patterns so make so I could have some comfortable shirts to wear under cardigans/blazers for work.  I find that most shirts are either too informal or too sheer/see through and while I can appreciate wearing cami’s and other shirts, sometimes I need some more coverage because it’s getting cold but I don’t want long sleeves. I also want something that’s more wash and wear instead of any kind of delicate/hand wash/complicated washing instructions involved.

I’ve got a few more shirts on deck for when I have time on weekends to bust some things out!


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