Spooky Spiderweb Pancakes

Have a spooky breakfast with all of the ghosts and goblins in your kitchen! Festive pancakes will brighten everyone’s morning (or breakfast for dinner) instantly and you can make a whole spooky theme if you’ve got the time for it. These are actually pretty easy to master and remember: they don’t all have to be winners. I saw several suggestions in Martha Stewart Living and Real Simple and thought that even a caveman like me could do it. You can use a ketchup/mustard bottle, a turkey baster, a frosting bag with a round tip, or if you’re cheap and lazy like me: a plastic bag with a hole poked in one side.

You’ll need:

Pancake mix that’s ready to be prepared, preferably plain

mustard/ketchup bottle, turkey baster, frosting bag, or plastic bag with a small hole punctured in it.

To make spiderwebs:

Start with a small circle of batter and give it legs or web off of it. Connect the web with more batter in small rows.

To make a spider:

Drop two circles of batter, one bigger than the other and connect legs from the body of the batter.

Move quickly with these. Because the batter is thin, it will cook quickly.  Practice makes perfect and you can experiment with all kinds of shapes, letters, names, etc…If your hand is a bit unsteady you can always make the outside circle of the spider body first and then fill it in to get the effect you’re looking for.

Voila! A fun breakfast is served!


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