Fall Giveaway: Dollars for Heifer International

I’ve thought long and hard about the next give away. As American’s, we like stuff, but do we need more stuff?  The answer is of course a big, fat NO. We do have the capacity to give to others.

I was raised to be very philanthropic. I remember taking cookies to those who didn’t have cookies at the holidays when I was about eight, and eventually became an FFA Advisor, where a third of our work was philanthropic–giving to local and national causes. I work to continue to donate in other ways now. I’ve donated my hair, purchased glasses from Warby Parker who have a buy one, donate one program, and several pairs of TOMS. I donate to 5k’s through my registration fees and donate gently used items to SPCA second hand store so the proceeds can go to the animals. I can always do more, but these are small ways I can help, feel good, and work to find other ways to be more useful.

The giveaway for this month is simple and charitable. For every comment and/or NEW like on the FB page, I’ll donate $1 to Heifer International. 

40 new likes and comments = $40 donation-you get the idea. Need a comment idea?  Peruse the heifer site and tell me what I should donate: chicks, ducks, a heifer share?? The possibilities are endless!

Share this post, hit the ‘share’ button on the FB feed, tell your friends, send this link to your email list. Share my FB page to your wall. The ways to SHARE are endless.

I’ve been donating to heifer for years now. Each Christmas, I take my proceeds from a week or two of Eat From Your Pantry Week and use that money I didn’t NEED to spend on groceries.  I print off certificates for each member of my family and they ‘unwrap’ what they donated around the world. They love it or at least they play along. We don’t do a big dollar Christmas in my family, so this is a great way to give a gift to many people. My family enjoys it because we are so heavily involved in production agriculture to begin with, so it’s only natural that we give the gift of more agriculture to others to become empowered and sustainable.

The contest closes on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 5 p.m. EST.  As of the publish date of this post, there are 69 likes on the FB page so let’s generate some funds for Heifer!

All photos courtesy of the Heifer International site. Heifer is not sponsoring this in any way, I just love them.


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