Silky Breezy Tunic Top

I found this piece of fabric in the remnant bin and *score!* less than $5 for the investment. I had a shirt made of similar fabric from Target and I wanted to replicate it. I splurged on two spools of elastic thread in hopes of working some more magic. I have never used elastic thread and was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was. The hardest part of rewinding it by hand. I did hit a few snags on this thin fabric but some minor adjustments were not a bother.

I didn’t even bother to make top shoulder seams on this fabric, the weight and drape of it were great and instead I just cut a head hole that I also sewed up with elastic thread to give it some more interest and pull. I used six rows of elastic thread right around my waist line to form some shape. I also kept the top nice and flowy so it can be worn easily by itself with a cami underneath or under a nice blazer/sweater for dressier occasions. I zig zagged the arms, side seams, and hem to help keep the material from unraveling later on. I will wash this in the washer and hang dry. I washed and dried this once (will wash and hang dry from now on) to get the elastic to tighten up.


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