Bread Machine Cheese Stuffed Breadsticks

These bread sticks were described as “light and fluffy” without being “too dense” by PIC when he ate one. So, dust off your bread machine and make these. You have your orders. These are simple to make considering you don’t have to knead any dough. If you don’t have a bread machine, I’d like to suggest pre-made pizza dough as a great alternative or if you’re in a hurry.

I add flax meal into my bread recipes by default for the whole grain but simple roll dough will do in most cases. I add 1/2 tsp. garlic powder to the bread machine too and some italian seasoning to make sure these are extra yummy but again, don’t do it if you’re not comfortable. Add some dipping sauce or a dipping sauce station of white, red, and pesto sauces for maximum party heaven.

You’ll need:

  • one batch of bread machine dough for breadsticks/rolls. (my machine makes 1.5 lb. batch
  • 16 oz. (1 lb.) low moisture, part skin mozzarella, cut into strips
  • butter
  • garlic powder
  • italian seasoning
  1. After your bread machine has its’ way with the dough, let it rest for 15 minutes per your bread machine instructions.
  2. Split the dough into four pieces and split the four pieces into 3 or 4 more pieces depending on size of dough. Should make 16 breadsticks.
  3. Take a piece of cheese and form into breadstick form.
  4. Let breadsticks rise for 30 min or doubled in size in warm spot.
  5. Bake at 375 degrees F for 10-15 min. or until golden brown.
  6. Serve with pizza/spaghetti sauce for dipping!

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