Things to be Thankful For

I don’t count my blessing enough. Over the next few days, I will share some of my reasons to be thankful. I will be off from producing recipes next week since it’s a much needed week off and I will be with my family and friends at home. I love all of the folks in these photos and many more who I don’t have photos of. These are probably not ‘hi-res’ or ‘frame worthy’ but they do represent some of the best people in my life.

I’m thankful for the great people in my life. My family and network of ‘real friends’ keep me sane! Moving south wasn’t the best or easiest transition for a while but it’s been very fruitful. Like our awkward sister pics???? These were taken in 2007  so I assure you, we both look a little different but still very Korean. 🙂


My mom got her first smartphone last Christmas. It’s been a learning experience for everyone! She’s doing pretty well. I also gave her her very first laptop last year too and her first iPod. Her technological life increased ten fold!




My network of friends from life and graduate school (yes, they’re separate sometimes) are people that I still keep in touch with. This awesome dude in the photo below was my grad school homie. He became one of my closest friends during our time together.



This epitomizes what happens when you let our dogs out. Erin became one of my best friends while living in NY and she remains in that position today. 600 miles don’t stop us! She would be mortified to know this photo was up because she has lost a TON of weight but our pitiful dogs were always going on rides with us. Molly is clearly being abused and her dog, Millie is also looking pretty pitiful 😉



Finally, the person who I consider my PIC. He is my travel buddy, my living buddy, and my all around friend. He traveled with me to FL to see friends and we all froze out on the boat but still had a good time! I’m thankful for all the folks in my life, whether they made photos or not!


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