Things I’m Thankful For: Part II

I have been lucky enough to enjoy a good deal of travel throughout my life. Maybe it was my first plane ride at 6 months of age to the U.S. that set me up to be a globetrotter, but I have always had the good fortune (and good bank account) to be able to afford to travel on a budget. I often stay with friends, mix business with pleasure, or just find a really cheap flight so I can pay for some extras elsewhere. But, like they say, you really can’t beat GOING HOME. I always look forward to being on the farm the most. I’m so thankful that I can travel with an able body and have met so many fantastic people along my travels. I take for granted these abilities and need to remind myself of them more often.

Planes never seem to leave at a good time, so it’s always a good thing when you can catch the beautiful rising sun over Lake Michigan on a flight out of O’Hare. Who knows where we’re off too next!

From wine country to the Fisherman’s Wharf, I’ve been lucky to have good friends on both ends of the country, from east to west coast and northwest to southeast, there’s always someone to see!

The upper midwest has a place in my heart, but not too big a one, I have no desire to move there, but I do like visiting.

I simply can’t ever get enough of home though. I always love going there so it’s only fitting that I end this post with a homage to my beloved ‘motherland’ as I like to call it! You can always go home!


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