My Favorite Thanksgiving Sides

I love Thanksgiving. I make the meal. My mom isn’t much in the kitchen department but she’ll peel potatoes and do whatever it takes to get the meal on the table. I’m the boss in the kitchen on Thanksgiving. I do the standard turkey with stuffing but have some fun with the sides! Check out some of my favorites below and Happy Thanksgiving!! I’ll be on vacation from blogging to enjoy time with my own family and I hope you do the same!  I can’t wait to hear how all of your dishes turned out and how you’re using those leftovers. My personal favorite is a stuffed turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce, stuffing, turkey, mayo, and almost anything that I can jam between some bread. 🙂

Say hello to my favorite potatoes. Really. I put out these Horseradish Cheddar Mashed Potatoes and it’s like the same chant that comes with ice cream. Sometimes, I’ll add in some small onion pieces to really give them a kick. Leftovers are amazing in shephards pie, in fried patties with eggs, or just with more gravy.

This is not my best photograph, but trust me, Sweet Potato Bake will give those tater’s something to smile about. This is full of real maple syrup and warm fall spice. Top it with some whole or crushed nuts and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece. This can be made the day (or a few days) before and kept cold. Top it with the nuts or marshmallows just before putting it in the oven and you’ll be good go to!

You’ll be too busy worrying about bread dough. Take the help of a can of biscuits and dress them up into Garlic Parmesan Cheese Knots! Warm rolls with garlic, parmesan, and herbs will help sop up that extra gravy.

I never met a biscuit I didn’t like and the fact that these beauties are full of blue cheese makes them a great addition to your table. Blue Cheese Buttermilk Biscuits always go quick on the table and they couldn’t be easier to put together. Get little hands and bored hands to help you out!

Baked Cilantro Corn is a great way to free up a stove burner for gravy making and still get those vegetables to the table. I add heavy cream, butter, and plenty of spice to my corn each year. I also get the luxury of fresh/frozen corn from the farm that has a lot of its’ own liquid, a double win!

Loaded corn bread is a vegetable AND a starch! Sneaky, full of corn and you can add jalapenos, cheese, or just about anything else. A sure winner on the table.


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