Elf4Health: Things to be Thankful For

Thankful | Domesticated Academic

20 things I’m thankful for. It’s never hard to think of wisdom or reasons to be thankful, even if it’s not Thanksgiving. The older I get, the more I find myself being thankful instead of bitter at the world. I cannot stop shooters or other crazy events from the world from happening in every instance, but I find myself continually being thankful for my happy life, the simplistic nature of it, and my good health. I see people on social media complaining non-stop about every little thing and once in a while, I’ll just comment and say something like, “why don’t you stop this and think about the good things in your life today? it will make the bad things less important and reshift your focus, even if just for a few moments.” Most of those people don’t WANT to be happy (yes, i believe there are some people who thrive on misery as a survival mechanism).

I’m home so this list is fitting:

  1. SNOW
  2. good tires
  3. winter driving skills
  4. wood heat
  5. snow plows
  6. dairy farmers
  7. production agriculture
  8. my ability to move, live, and work on being healthy
  9. family
  10. friends
  11. MOLLY 🙂
  12. PIC (yes, the dog ranks over a man)
  13. Erin
  14. my brain, it works, i still get excited when i have a good thought
  15. my health
  16. learning how to work hard & put others first growing up. you didn’t take care of yourself until the animals were fed.
  17. my curiosity for cooking, photography, research
  18. my love for education
  19. my love of children
  20. my lucky life–i was adopted and have always had good fortune with life

have a fantastic day!



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