Simply Snackin Jerky Review + Giveaway

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic

Lindsay over at the Lean Green Bean gave me the hookup on a review for Simply Snackin–Healthy Gourmet Meat Snack AKA: beef and chicken jerky. I was totally excited to do this because we grew up on meat snack AKA jerky and make our own. I’ve eaten a lot of jerky in my day of many meat variations so chicken jerky was very appealing for me to try.

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic

The packages came and each bag was full of jerky samples! Thanks for being so generous! The nutrition information is clearly labeled so there’s no gray area about what you’re eating. The packages are easy open for a klutz like me or someone who’s trying to open one in the car. The sodium is not overpowering, which is sometimes the case in many jerky products I’ve tried and the flavor was also not overpowering.

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic

These were excellent and I’m so glad I was able to work with this company. They are a rare find in a world of over marketed, over processed foods that ‘claim’ to be healthy. These folks are the REAL DEAL!

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic


  • individually sized
  • clear and blunt labeling
  • 60 cals per stick
  • perfect portions
  • ready for on the go travel
  • chewy texture
  • not super salty
  • many are gluten free if that’s what you need in your diet
  • family owned company
  • great social media outreach, i’ve received emails, twitter re-tweets, fb contact, etc…@SimplySnackin


  • the flavors were all very similar in taste
  • it was more of a wet jerky to me
  • they call it meat snack, unappealing in my book but i’m no marketing guru

I liked their product so much, I’m sharing it with one lucky winner! I’m giving away half of my stash to one of you. The clause:

you HAVE to write a blog post about it and post it to YOUR blog or guest post for MY blog within 10 days of receiving it. I want to be timely since the company was so generous to send this to me. 

You’ll get one sample of:

delivered to your address when you leave me a comment answering the following question:

What’s your favorite ‘go-to’ snack for when you’re in a rush or super hungry?

Contest ends at 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, January 13, 2013.  I’ll announce the winner on Monday and we’ll be in touch via email to get the package shipped to you!


7 thoughts on “Simply Snackin Jerky Review + Giveaway

  1. My favorite go-to snack at work is usually fruit. I try to keep apples and pears on my desk so I have them. On-the-go or in a hurry I like crunchy things like nuts, trail mix or granola. I usually have at least one or two crunchy options withing reaching distance.

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  3. Granola bars.. Although not always the healthiest, it is usually quickest and easiest option. I like to snack on fruit too, but some of it is too messy if I’m on the go.

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