Valentine’s Day Garland

Valentine's Day Garland | Domesticated Academic

I saw this on Etsy and of course, had that recurring thought, “I can do this, I can do this!” Alas, here we are. Turns out, this was a super easy, super fun, super inexpensive craft that now adorns my side board with my Valentine’s Day themed wreath. You’ll also see that I leave up a string of Christmas lights year round.

Valentine's Day Garland | Domesticated Academic

I purchased the ribbon from the dollar bin at the Target and a deck of cards from the Dollar General. I had the hole punch kicking around in my ‘craft box’ that lives under the side board and contains a hodge podge of stuff necessary for crafting, sewing, painting, and my cake decorating tip kit. Yes, I know, it’s a mess. Someday when I own a house again, I aspire to having things more organized. Alas, I’m lucky enough to have a nice townhouse at the moment with not enough storage so my life problems are pretty small. I’m ok with my ‘catch all’ box, it’s like a giant junk drawer….

Valentine's Day Garland | Domesticated Academic

You’ll love this because it’s low cost, super easy, and dresses up any space like a mantle, wall, or in my case: my side board, quickly and inexpensively.  Ribbon is strung through a suit of “heart” playing cards and knotted with fantastic heart-inspired fabric. This unique garland will add a lil’ bit of country and a whole lot of chiq to your Valentine’s Day, wedding, engagement photo, mantle, headboard, or window

You’ll need:

15 min.

This cost less than $5 to make. The Etsy shop has it for about $17

  • a deck of cards (red cards separated
  • 1-2 yards of ribbon of choice
  • hole punch
  1. Using the hole punch, punch two holes in each card next to each other. I punched them about an inch apart so you can see the ribbon.
  2. Take ribbon and string the cards through it, making sure there is some space between them if you want to tie ribbon in between.
  3. Tie extra pieces of ribbon in simple knots between cards for added decoration.
  4. Knot each end of the garland so cards don’t slip off.
  5. Display with pride.

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