Simply Snackin Winner Review

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic

The following is the review from Ally, the amazing woman who won the jerky samples from Simply Snackin!

Thank you to Tiffany for paying it forward by giving away some of the Simply Snacking you received!  I was able to pay it forward a little more by sharing one with a co-worker, which she appreciated!

Simple Snackin Giveaway | Domesticated Academic

I’m always on the lookout for a good snack.  A day at work for me often means spending the day driving around rural northern New York meeting with farmers- sometimes there is no time to each lunch and sometimes there is no place to eat lunch.  Or a day in the office with easy access to a candy dish, a co-worker’s baking experiment, or the latest candy sale of co-worker’s children.  Weather on the road or in the office, having healthy snacks on hand is essential to avoid over eating the goodies or not eating at all.

A good snack needs to be convenient, no mess, no refrigeration or utensils needed (at least for my days in the car), plus being healthy and delicious.  Simply Snackin Jerky meets the good snack criteria!  I enjoyed all of the beef sirloin flavors.  They were similar tasting, but I liked the mild flavor.  I had never tried chicken jerky before so that was a new experience for me.  I liked the Teriyaki Chicken Breast with Mango & Papaya, again it had a mild flavor.  I did not care for the other two chicken flavors as much- Black Bean Salsa and Italian Seasoning & Romano.  They had a much stronger flavor, almost spicy and that was too much for me.

Overall great snack!


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