My 1 Year Anniversary 2/5/13

It’s been a year…I cannot believe it. As I looked back at old posts, I reflected on what a difference a year has made for me! My photos are better (always a work in progress), my recipes are cleaner, my identity as a cook with a few crafts thrown in from time to time is a nice evolution, and to top it all off, YOU have been gracious, complimentary, and constructive with me.

Thanks to each and every one of you! It’s been fun so far! Blogging has been a great outlet for me and while haters are gonna hate, saying that everyone has a blog, I like it. I’ll stick with it. While I may not post as consistently all of the time, I continue to try and offer up tasty things from the kitchen of my rental townhouse in the sleepy ‘south.’

I’ve learned that shooting in natural light is a goldmine, it’s sometimes wise to save a dish until there is enough good light to shoot in. I’ve learned that an average camera can do amazing things with the help of some photoshop. I’m continually grateful for the photog classes I took in college. Little did I know what I’d be doing with them now!

I’ve learned that blogging is a creative outlet for me. Much like sewing and cooking, it gives me a way to express who I am without judgement. No post is perfect but neither am I. I’ve learned that I don’t have to feel guilty if not every. single. post is foodgawker worthy. I don’t always have the time to get every. single. post ready like that. Maybe someday I will.  Maybe not.

Let’s revisit some of my ‘firsts’ as a blogger…

My first post

Tissue Paper Wreath | Domesticated Academic

Tissue Paper Wreath

My first recipe….(what was I thinking posting this in Feb???)

Summer Pizza | Domesticated Academic

Summer Pizza

I look forward to another year with more vision, focus, and delicious things coming out of my kitchen and through the lens of my camera! Cheers to you! Thanks for the support!


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