Apps For You & Me

Hi, my name is Tiffany and I love apps. Oh, you do too? Well then…..shimmy on up to catch a glimpse of what apps have me moving these days! It changes regularly! Yes, I know there’s a zillion apps, there’s competitors, and ones similar to the ones I love, but today: I’m showing you what I love! Please, leave me a comment and tell me your faves, we can exchange apps!


I used itunes links b/c I have an iphone, don’t be hatin’ if you’re an android user. I had an android phone and loved it but I also love my iphone.

Where do I find my apps?

Word of mouth

Seeing someone else’s post on social media & the tag that goes with it

Lifehacker or some other random internet page

Magazines (remember those?)

 Apps Gone Free — I have the app on my phone & it reminds me once per day (nothing too invasive or annoying) that the free apps of the day are available. I can swipe through them quickly and decide which ones to download or to just close it for the day. This is where I’ve found the majority of my apps lately and saved a little money along the way.

Photo apps

Spring apps | Domesticated Academic

Snapseed is easily my favorite photo editing app right now because of all the presets. I used Adobe Express for a while, but eventually just picked one to avoid internal confusion when snapping pics. Of course, Diptic makes super fun collages. Pixlromatic and PhotoStudio each have their own fun ‘add in’s’ such as sparkles and effects for ‘play time.’ I love photostein and photo slice for making fun collages and slicing up photos. The keep calm app: plain entertaining…..

Instafood is the ‘free’ version and being the cheap arse that I am, I refuse to pay for it. I do put in my photos, add the instafood layovers and then just take a pic of the screen. I’m super cheap like that….

Productivity Apps

Spring apps | Domesticated Academic

I am guilty of not using some of these very often–like the pages, numbers, & keynote. I do use the adobe reader quite a bit. I’ve become co-dependent on Bank of America since I can just grab photos of my checks and deposit them. Anyone who knows me in real life knows I really stink at going to the bank. (who does that anymore???)

SnapDat was also made for me. I have been on faculty for a year and a half and yet: no business cards and no door tag for my office. In faculty terms: LAME. Nothing like being at a conference with no card. While I think they’re highly antiquated, there is a segment of the world who loves them still. SnapDat helps b/c I can just send my personal business card to someone with no fuss and no actual business card. It’s a dream for me, a dream come true.

Fitness apps

Spring apps | Domesticated Academic

Frankie say relax? OK!!! You’ll see there’s only ONE app that will make me work. I’ve been using youtube Jillian Michaels and FitSugar videos a lot lately. Paired with some brisk walks & yoga, it’s been my life for the past few months. I use the three calming apps when I practice yoga and meditate. Meditating is no joke! Just sitting quietly for 10 min. clears out a lot of head space for me!

Relax Melodies is super cool because it’s free, has a lot of sounds, and has timers included. Simply Rain is just that: rain noise and

Calm has some different sounds as well. I like calm but am too cheap to pay for it so it’s the free version. In truth, I will probably delete it, it’s not getting much air time.

I downloaded Gorilla just a few days ago so I’ll be honest and say: I haven’t worked with it much yet.

Fun apps

Spring apps | Domesticated Academic

Priorities people. The ‘fun stuff’ folder is brimming over and perhaps not every app in it is properly placed. You get the picture though. Fun = blogging, pinteresting, eating, movies, apps, seeing in the dark, flying somewhere super awesome (united is who i have my FF miles through), word games, jamming out, & getting my news from my rss feeds. This category is pretty self explanatory and needs no link ups….

Everyday use apps

Spring apps | Domesticated Academic Spring apps | Domesticated Academic

My home screens: I only have two swipes on my iphone. I can’t handle anymore. My head would explode. I like apps that sync my life:

  • dropbox
  • evernote
  • calendars (through icloud)
  • email (sad but true, all emails synced)

Of course:

  • facebook (duh)
  • twitter (or “the tweeeeeter” if you’re some of the southerners i know)
  • huff post (self proclaimed news junkie)
  • weight watchers app & scanner–that scanner is pretty effing handy & sometimes my least liked friend

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