Taming the Beast: My Hair

Well, it’s 100% humidity when I wake and stays that way most of the day. My hair is ALL THE WAY OUT THERE! (PICTURE IT) I don’t often post about my favorite products or beauty regimen. Perhaps because it’s not much of a regimen, well it wasn’t in my 20’s. Only since my 30’s have crept in, have I thought it responsible to start doing crazy things like:

  • night cream
  • sunscreen
  • lotion or cream on dry body spots

I’ve always been good about caring for my teeth and generally tried to take good care of myself but my hair….


It started in my early 20’s: natural waves. As an asian, it had always been stick straight. I returned home from college one weekend and my mother asked me:

“did you get a perm?”

The answer was “NO.”

I knew I was in trouble.

As my 20’s progressed, so did the wavy factor of my hair. Kept at bay with a shorter haircut, I didn’t notice it as much. I refused to embrace my part Mongolian gene pool that gave me the kink in my hair. Then I moved to the land of humidity:


Yes, it’s not as humid here as it is where you are…(blah, blah, blah, it’s not a contest) but in my little world, I moved from ZERO humidity, to 100% humidity in the morning, afternoon, and at bedtime.

My hair: it got real excited. 

I started growing it out to donate it and because I was too busy to get it cut in grad school. The wavy/curly/messy/frizz+humidity=terrible hot mess hair.

I started calling in the big guns. My stylist. Who is also my cousin. I was still getting cuts from her when I would return home and explained my predicament. She has yet to let me down!

I am lucky to have great volume in my hair but the natural wavy/curl is permanent and instead of fighting city hall, I’m learning to embrace it. My product arsenal:

My Hair | Domesticated Academic

Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum. This bottle has lasted me over a year so it’s worth the upfront cost of about $17 for the dime size portion you use each day. It helps calm my hair down as it dries without feeling greasy.

Joico Joiwhip mousse. I love the hold without any stickiness to it. While it does cost more than shelf brands, it’s worth it to me. I’ve bought dozens of bottles of other brands, only to be dissapointed later on.

On days I wash my hair, I put some Super Skinny in it and let it air dry as much as possible, even sitting next to a fan to help it dry faster. It volumizes pretty quickly and I only have to hit it with the hair dryer for a minute. I finish it with a good dollop of mousse and then shape it with my fingers. No fuss. The mousse doesn’t flake or anything weird and lasts through a good workout (I sweat a lot).

Hair Products | Domesticated Academic

I don’t always have time to wash my hair and do the full monty each day. On hectic mornings, I rely on dry shampoo. Lately, I’ve been digging Tresemme and Suave. Spray those roots, brush it through a few minutes later, and re-mousse it up!


2 thoughts on “Taming the Beast: My Hair

  1. I’m not asian but I have a similar hair type. When it is humid here I look like that episode of friends when they go on vacation and Monica’s hair just keeps getting bigger and bigger 🙂 I use lots of products too! Dry shampoos are a life saver for me I like the Psssssss! Brand I also have one that is a power but I don’t like it as well. Good luck with the hair. As a funny reminder…our hair was put on our head to remind us we can’t control every situation 😉

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