Tasty Bite-Fast & Tasty

I offered to review the Tasty Bite products and when a bunch of pre-packaged, heat and serve products showed up, I was skeptical. While I love fast and convenient, I don’t like salty and fake.

I was pleasantly surprised! They really are all natural, they really are pretty delicious, and the products I have tasted so far are pretty freakin’ good! They cook up quickly, are convenient, and didn’t leave me feeling like I’d licked the salt shaker.


I grabbed the Asian noodles one afternoon when lunch was about two hours late and my stomach was letting me know. I opened the pouch and put it in the microwave. Upon pouring the noodles into a bowl, I added my own extra veggies and threw in some chicken. The peanuts were still crunchy and the sauce was savory and a little spicy. Go Tasty Bite!




I made a quick stir fry last week and didn’t feel like making rice (AKA: the epitomy of lazy) and grabbed another tasty bite from the cupboard. I had cooked up some chicken, broccoli, and fresh baby zucchini.



The rice was slightly lime-y and slightly sweet from the coconut, simply delicious as an addition to my stir-fry. I grabbed a photo of the back to show the nutrition info and the fact that there is ‘good stuff’ in there, without a ton of salt. I split this and ate if over a few meals with leftovers.



Thanks to Tasty Bite for making a really fantastic product!

You can find them on facebook and twitter!


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