I’m On Vacation…..

Fitness on Vacation | Domesticated Academic

And still working out! I spent the first two days in the car traveling and seeing friends–from VA to State College to see friends at Penn State and then to Ithaca to see other friends at my alma mater (Cornell), I finally landed at home Tuesday evening, just in time for wing night at the local bar! My favorite!

Like any good food-a-holic, I had eaten like a champion the previous two days with no working out, just some light stretching. I knew because my stomach was all, “what the french toast?”

Fitness on Vacation | Domesticated Academic

So, Wednesday, I got up, I slinked myself into some compression pants and took my faithful dogs out for a walk down the hill, back up the hill, and then for some moves to keep me stretched out and limber.

I didn’t clock my mile–it wasn’t super far, but the incline was massive for me. I sprinted once or twice but with a border collie thinking you’re a cow to herd, running isn’t really feasible unless you yell at the dog who’s guilty of ‘doing her job.’

I returned home to do some strength, some light plyo-like moves, and most importantly: stretch. I find for me that traveling tightens me up so if nothing else, a good stretching/yoga sequence makes all the difference.

My wallet got a good work out yesterday since some girlfriends and I went to the outlets and I stocked up on work clothes, some new winter boots, a pair of Chaco’s, and a super fun Coach purse.

I love vacation!


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