I Haven’t Been Cooking Much

Summer Eats | Domesticated Academic

Ok, I take that back: I’ve been cooking, but it’s been simple, clean, mostly fresh, and any of the photos you see in this post of food that’s been grilled: I made that! It’s been too dang hot! I’ve been too dang busy! Life keeps going and I don’t have time to work up any magic in the kitchen folks! Fresh fruit, lean protein, some dairy to keep me strong, and of course: ice cream!

Summer Eats | Domesticated Academic

Some seafood full of good fats, some sweets and treats, a few cocktails, and some power packed breakfasts have been fueling me this summer!

Honestly, I’ve been running full spring since May and if you follow me on facebook you know that I’m still cooking, but it’s not been super fancy, super new, or super food scienc-y up in this kitchen. It’s been ALL BUSINESS. Eating to live and keep on running!

It has been hotter and more humid this summer than in summers past here in the dirty south too and I’m too cheap to run my AC all day when no one is here except the dust bunnies. If I can’t kill it and grill it, it’s not getting cooked!

Summer Eats | Domesticated Academic

Some amazing Cuban food, pizza on the grill, a plethora of fun and good company, some homemade treats when the weather is cool enough, and some great eats when I’ve been traveling!

As we dip into August, I hope you’re having some summer fun, enjoying your life, and taking a big bite out of it each and every day! I’ll get back in the kitchen just as soon as my hair calms down–which is probably a long way off when I look at the weather forecast!


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