From Trash to Treasure: Chevron Cork Boards

Chevron Cork Board | Domesticated Academic

My office turns offices around during the beginning of August. Faculty move in and out, new furniture gets delivered and unpacked, and there’s a natural cycle of renewal. It’s the last slow week or two before RA’s come back and then the 5,000 freshman move in a few days later. Everyone savors the last full week of a nearly empty campus and the community.

Chevron Cork Board | Domesticated Academic

Skunking around the office in the summer has its’ advantages and one of them is getting your hands on some stuff that no one else wants! I’m not one to waste an opportunity so upon doing a walk through, I asked the office admin if she knew of anyone getting rid of:

  • a desk
  • office chairs
  • cork boards
  • small storage drawer (of sorts)

And she delivered….she’s good like that and it helps that I like her and she likes me. You gotta get in good w/ the office admins. They’ll make or break your survival!

She showed up w/ her master keys and said, “let’s go for a walk.”

She took me to several offices that were being surplused and vacated or surplused because the faculty had retired, moved, or ordered new furniture. She then said those magic words:

“anything in these offices is up for grabs.”

Angels sang, children wept, and I got tagging! Put a post-it with your name & date and it’s ‘yours.’

I scored a handsome newer desk–I wasn’t using my old desk because it was too low to work at and extremely uncomfortable. This one is merely a table because I didn’t need anymore storage, I wasn’t using the drawers on the old one.

I scored three new office chairs. They all match, they all work, and they have minimal stains.

I scored THREE corkboards. Two large and one small. I turned my crafty gene on and headed to the fabric store w/ my 40% off coupons in tow. The two I did for my office turned out great! I already owned the glue gun, measuring tape, and staple gun, so total cost of these two beauties:



  • cork boards
  • measuring tape
  • fabric to fit
  • spray adhesive
  • staple gun or hot glue gun
  • hangers or fasteners
  1. Clean up your cork boards if they’re used. Remove anything and wipe down with a damp cloth. Remove any other hangers or fasteners if they’ll get in the way of gluing fabric down.
  2. Lay fabric out to ‘practice’ where you want it to drape.
  3. Use spray adhesive and spray evenly across corked side of board and along frame. You can remove the frame but I left mine on because they you have to fasten the cork to the plywood on the back. The frame also makes a nice edge even with the fabric.
  4. Lay out your fabric and work from the inside out, centering and lining it up.
  5. Pat it down where you want it throughout.
  6. Let dry at least one hour (according to spray adhesive instructions-read the label, yours might be different).
  7. After the hour has passed, flip the board over.
  8. Trim the fabric to fit if there was a lot of excess.
  9. Use the staple gun or hot glue gun (both is probably overkill) and fasten the fabric to the back of the frame.
  10. Decorate with push pins, ribbon, etc…
  11. Affix fasteners or hangers last and hang that sucker up! It looks AMAZING!!

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