Thankful 365

Thanksgiving isn’t just ONE day of thankfulness. For me, it’s become a 365 day a year affair. Now, my halo isn’t glowing and trust me: I’m a mean judgey-mc-judger when I want to be, but I’ve grown to take a moment and be thankful each day.

Some days, I do it right before I fell asleep.

Sometimes, I take the moment to be thankful as I’m walking at sunset or sunrise and the sun cannot deny the beauty of my day.

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

Sometimes, I notice it when I’m working with my students. Their energy and intelligence makes me thankful that I can be part of that.

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

Almost every day, I’m thankful that my Mema taught me to cook and bake. I find such satisfaction and comfort in the ritual of preparing food. I will feed you until you burst if you let me 🙂

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese Bites

cupcake1 (Small)

Doughnut Hole Cupcakes

I’m thankful for my service based attitude. I do what I can, I can always do more, but donating my hair is something that I find great satisfaction in. Making someone feel better until their own hair grows back is a small sacrifice. Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

*before–like my face?

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

**after–like my face more in this one?

I’m thankful for the unconditional love I get from animals. Who doesn’t love that?

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

molly being pitiful like a good spoiled dog should

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

the welcome wagon when you go to the farm…they all dress alike….

And while I don’t talk about it a lot, I’m thankful I was adopted to the U.S. where I’ve had the good fortune of a family that loves me and disciplined me to be a functional and productive member of society. I have had a lucky life and I do not want to waste the ultimate opportunity that I’ve been given. I know the reality: thousands on thousands of kids never get the life I live. I cannot deny those facts. I see it as a privilege and a duty to be a good citizen.

I’m thankful for my family and my friends who have become my support network.Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

some of the best women i know

Thankful 365 | Domesticated Academic

the fam-damily


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