A Bloggerific Year

Year in Review | Domesticated Academic

The blog had a great year and I cannot say THANK YOU enough. With about a half a million views this year, I am grateful, humbled, and I have to say: hungry!!!! As I review the recipes from the year and am working on some new recipes for the next few weeks, my stomach is still thinking about the next meal!

I made some changes the second half of the year. I cut down on my posts the second half of the year and put more time into them. Quality over quantity. I also started being more mindful about my photos and they’re always a work in progress. I built a photo box and have been using or trying to photograph in more optimal light.

The Power Muffins were the most popular and all the posts were pinned, facebooked, tweeted, etc… with gusto. As we all usher in a new year, WHAT RECIPES WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE? Maybe I’ll say “challenge accepted” this year to some of the requests as long as I can afford the ingredients!

Happy New Year!

Power muffins | Domesticated Academic

Power Muffin anyone?

Two Ingredient Lemon Bars | Domesticated Academic

Two Ingredient Lemon Bars

Nutella Cookies | Domesticated Academic

Three Ingredient Nutella Cookies

Healthy Alfredo Sauce | Domesticated Academic

Healthy Alfredo Sauce

5 Ingredient Pumpkin Bars | Domesticated Academic

5 Ingredient Pumpkin Bars


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