New Year: New Gadgets!

New Year: New Gadgets | Domesticated Academic

I asked for some new kitchen stuff this year. After a slew of roommates, some of who didn’t know how to use non-stick spray, the past few years, my kitchen gadgets had taken a royal beating. After assessing the situation, I needed to restock on some things and asked for a few things for the holidays. I splurged after Christmas and landed some great finds for 50% off and had to jump at the opportunity. I gave into the ‘culture’ of buying things because my pans were thrashed, my spatula’s were eaten up, and my wine glasses had been decimated.

My first purchase: new saute pans and a new cutting board. I found these at the Oneida Outlet store but you can find them almost anywhere. The Anodized pans are amazing. I have one (giant one) and have had it since undergrad. It’s wonderful! An eight-inch and 10-inch will be perfect. I used them the first day I got home. They are an investment, but at 50% off, I couldn’t pass them up. You can purchase them almost anywhere, I’m just using links to Amazon for ease today.

The new cutting board has a large hole in the end to swoop food into the pan or dish. It has a low side and an even side for ease of use.

I asked for a deviled egg carrier because I love making deviled eggs and transporting them is a nightmare! I lack the ability to keep anything level….anything….

New Year: New Gadgets | Domesticated Academic


As you can see from the photo, my 9×13 pans were also suffering. Remember the roommates that don’t use non-stick spray? I asked for a new one with a lid to help keep food covered up and magically, a new one appeared from my sister! Love her and the pan! I sent the photo to her so she could see how much I appreciated a replacement pan!

I scored some new rubber spatula’s since several of mine had been chipped and nicked to high heavens.

Finally: red wine glasses. After years in grad school, I had accumulated lots of free glasses from events and tastings but none matched and none were for red wine. While I try not to spend a lot of time worrying about everything being all ‘matchy matchy,’ getting a set of six on sale was a great purchase for me. Malbec’s, cab sauv’s, and merlots seem to be my ‘go-to’ lately so these will be well used!

Finally, I returned south with a car full goodies from my parents. As avid agriculturists, we were raised to grow our own food. My mom was so kind to give me canned pears, applesauce, tomatoes, butternut squash, onions, and my dad’s venison! He gets about four deer per year and is generous enough to share. He figures that the deer eat about 40 acres of crops so it’s equal trade. We hunt responsibly and anyone who hunts on our land knows the rules. Large does or bucks over 4 points are taken. No bambi’s or young bucks since they can grow and help keep the herd healthy that does live on the land.

If you’re looking for some new kitchen gadgets, consider my purchases and having them join your kitchen staff 🙂

Happy New Year!


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