Gather Round Kids: It’s Time to Tell the TRUTH

Every now and then, one of the blogger world people suggests a ‘truth’ post. Perhaps it’s a bit like confession, which I have no idea about b/c church is not a place I visit. I prefer to spend that time on the yoga mat, meditating. So, here are my current truths….

Truth Time | Domesticated Academic


I love living alone. Honestly, I cannot recall a more peaceful and contented time in my short life. I spent years with roommates during grad school to save money and right after to try and pay bills, but honestly, living alone is like my “happy hour, shopping binge, manicure” account all rolled into one. I began to accept my truth: I need a sane and sacred space to be by myself. 

I’m addicted to yoga. I cannot get enough. The world makes sense when I’m on the mat and it’s one helluva workout. I can make peace with my body and myself, even if my body disagrees the next day. I’m into a 90 minute vinyasa class once a week and usually another session or two at home during the week. I also incorporate it into my stretching/cool down to help keep me limber.

I started incorporating weights into my routine this past summer/fall and while I haven’t noticed a scale difference, I have noticed I’m more toned, firm, and looking much better. People are also complimenting me so it’s nice someone else notices.

I cannot go carb free. My brain gets very cranky and then I turn into an uber bitch in less than 60 seconds. I am also aware that shoving cookies into my hole isn’t the good carb load, but guess what, cookies taste good.

I get a massage once a month. Sue me for loving someone who will work out the knots in my neck, shoulders, and keep my hips from seizing up like a cold engine in the winter. That’s a service I’m willing to pay for.

I’m a binge watcher on Netflix, hulu, and most other media consumption. Don’t give me one or two seasons, give me the whole show from start to finish. There’s a whole body of research now on folks like me. Maybe it’s my addiction. As least it’s socially acceptable. That and my love of cheese.

Truth Time | Domesticated Academic


I like that I’m aging. With age, comes some more wisdom and more experience. I can deal with the gray hairs and the baby wrinkles as long as I’m happy. And happy I am.

I’m sick of hearing how cold it is where you live. IT’S F$&%ING WINTER….(i also swear a lot in real life, i’d apologize if i was actually sorry)

I dream of Brie. And wine. I might be addicted to cheese, but not wine. I do love them together.

Truth Time | Domesticated Academic


There it is, the more you know…..

Truth Time | Domesticated Academic



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