Homemade Mini Peanut Butter Cups

Mini Peanut Butter Cups | Domesticated Academic

You’ll love these because they’re better than the ones you can buy in the store. No jokes….I’m a serious reese’s connoisseur and I could NOT STOP eating these! The filling is more creamy but still remains dense and lovely in these. I also take a small amount of comfort in knowing what’s in the food (mostly). This makes a very large batch (about 5 dozen) of mini cups so plan accordingly. I have two mini pans so I had to make these in batches so be warned. I had some peanut butter left over from my last batch and put it in the freezer and it froze beautifully. I defrosted it later to just eat and put it in chocolate cupcakes.

Mini Peanut Butter Cups | Domesticated Academic

Depending on how much chocolate you like to use and how much peanut butter filling you like, this could change your proportions. You can halve this recipe too to make fewer or make these in standard sized muffin tins. I like the min sized ones, they offer up a smaller portion of guilt in the end.

Mini Peanut Butter Cups | Domesticated Academic

These also freeze really well. I made the first batch about 2 weeks before Christmas and froze them (only sneaking a few) and made more before heading home. I put them in a plastic container lined with wax paper and they kept very well. My sister declared them “her new favorite” so I must be doing something right!

For a large batch

You’ll need:

Makes about 5 dozen

Several hours if you don’t have a lot of mini muffin pans

  • 1 16 oz. jar of creamy peanut butter
  • 1 stick of butter or 1/2 cup (salted or unsalted is fine) softened or room temperature
  • 2 cups of confectioners sugar
  • 24 oz. chocolate candy coating or semi-sweet chocolate chips
  1. Line mini muffin tins with liners of appropriate size or spray with non-stick spray
  2. Mix peanut butter, butter, and confectioners sugar together until it’s smooth.
  3. Melt half of the chocolate in the microwave on 1 minute increments or 30 second increments.
  4. Pour enough chocolate in the bottom of each liner and tap the whole tray to help it settle and distribute.
  5. Drop spoonful’s of the peanut butter mixture on top.
  6. Melt the other half of the chocolate and pour over the top or use a spoon to cover the peanut butter.
  7. Refrigerate until hard.

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