Spring in an Instagram

It’s been a busy and beautiful spring!

I have neglected to post  a photo or two a week so you’re getting dumped on with some of my favorite views of spring!





Sunny days in my town. Football anyone? Not a bad view for a lunch that I was invited too.



I hit the road for work. DC never lets me down and the food scene was delicious! I’d weight 50 more pounds if I lived there. Made me miss the days of working/living there, but I didn’t miss the horns, sirens, sounds, terrible water, traffic at all hours of the day.



Easter greeted me with daffodils, sunshine, and a really FUN dinner w friends.



The heavenly looking campus where I hang my work hat.



My family and I met up for our annual spring vacation. The Great Smokey Mountain National Park was this years destination and we had some great hiking weather! Looks like we might go back next year to see the “other side” of the park and the train museum. My dad is a big train fanatic. We stayed in a lovely cabin in the middle of the mountains with a great porch, grill, hot tub, and every little amenity you could ask for. It was lovely.


Remembering to take time to relax has also stayed at the top of the list. I’ve been reading at a ravenous pace this spring. Good thing there’s an extensive library at my disposal. Remembering to take good care of myself has remained at the top of the list and as I lay on the massage table the other day, my massage therapist reminded me hit yoga, stay limber, and keep working to minimize stress in my life.

I hope your Spring has been as beautiful as mine and has filled your bucket with immense gifts!


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