Life’s a Blur!


It’s been crazy town up in here lately. The blur of the semester finishing, starting a new position, a week of travel, oh-and sleep. You know, that thing that’s super important? Yeah, I was deficient in that category too! Life has been very good to me lately and because I’ve been too busy to cook anything, I thought I’d give a “life update” in pics!


I’ve been running on a solid regimen of caffeine the past few weeks. Only in the last three or four days have I started to keep normal sleep hours again. Until those nights of solid sleep started, coffee was basically my bestie, my soulmate, my one-and-only….


Along with the slow down, I’ve taken a little time to enjoy the finer things in life: homemade pizza crust and catching up on all the Oscar nominated movies from Redbox. American Hustle = thumbs up. The Wolf of Wall Street = thumbs down.


My friends: heat and humidity have returned. My hair tells me so. My mileage has been consistent, hovering around 17 min/walking mile. Won’t complain.


Celebrations are usually in order! I have transitioned to a new position! Same university, went back to agriculture and I’m so pleased thus far.


I was in DC for a week and some mighty fine people stayed at my house: friends from undergrad! They were traveling through and I was happy to leave a spare key for them. Lots of fun things waited for me when I returned home, a dog to watch for a few days, some pretty flowers, gifts from my old students, etc… can’t get enough sunshine!


A recent hike to a favorite spot yielded this beautiful shot. It was unusually cool a few weeks ago, perfect for hiking.


And yes, I love where I live! I’ll get back in the kitchen soon, but until then…..












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