Vacation in an Instagram



I went on vacation. I went home. To the farm. Where my parents farm 500+ acres and the ladies are always waiting for someone new to show up! Hello ladies! These are a few of our girls in one of our up close barns. They’re pregnant and due within a month or two. They’re put in here so they have more space, can get a super diet of nutrients to care for that calf, and are currently “dry” or not giving any milk. Every cow on the dairy gets a two month “vacation” before she has her calf. We call it nesting, they call it “mooing without a cause.”



It’s the middle of summer haying season and my dad was getting the discbine ready to go and the cows…..they’re just always ready to get into something!


Molly, she recognizes me, she loves me, and she’s always ready to play. Advance apologies for the exorbitant number of photos I take of her. I just love her to pieces.


My friend flew in for a wedding weekend and since I’d never really done any “touristy” stuff in my own neck of the woods, it was extremely fun to do some things with him! We spent a day in Cooperstown at the Farmers Museum and then went to Ommegang for the tour, an amazing lunch, and tastings galore!



Before the wedding, we got all dressed up and headed to Saranac for the tour and two full size tastings before the ceremony. I loved this tour! For $5, there’s a really detailed tour of the history of the FX Matt Brewing Co. and it ends in the tasting room. Sure, we started early, but it was a day for celebration. Don’t worry, we paid for our extra fun day the next morning 🙂


I love this saying. I’ve been following it all summer. It’s so easy to get sucked in to someone else’s problems and when I realized how unhappy it made me at times, I started removing myself from situations and even loosely held friendships. I appreciate that everyone has some bad days once in a while, but some folks have a bad day every day and that’s not acceptable after a while.It wears me down!


We went and got ice cream one afternoon after I had mowed lawns. She looked less than thrilled until her pup cup showed up! (like my rhymin’ there?)


And of course, my mom sent me back with a boatload of produce. I enjoyed her fresh tomatoes with some fancy mozz and basil from my garden. Heaven. I repeated the next day w peaches–also delicious! 20140805-193734-70654200.jpg


My mom had to be away for a few days, making me the “head lady farmer” of the house. Besides feeding hungry mouths, I also fed my dad, kept the garden harvested and the lawns mowed. Summer is a wonderful time on the farm and my mom had pickles canning, tomatoes starting to come on, fresh blueberries to freeze, and sweet corn for miles. What a lucky lady I am to have grown up with all of this out my back door! We also have one zucchini cat and one corn dog.


Can we go and play now?

Vacation was great and just what this doctor ordered. I’m back at it, working up my syllabus for the upcoming semester and boosting a few research projects off of the ground.


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